The time thief

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Period of piling to-do lists,
A Prank played by time painted by someone inside me,
It’s a proud phase of wonderful daydreams,
Presenting to me with delights in a zone where time pauses.

I ponder why I am not pragmatic in dealing with the time thief,
Pristine, as it sits on my shoulders at the prime moments,
Too possessive to let me go for something else I may desire,
Erasing all the proofs for me to catch and pay for my loss.

Praying every day will improve,
My productivity will increase with power,
Alas, it’s hard to pardon the time thief protecting…


Sometimes the weirdest moments of life can end up the best

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It was announced earlier in the day that there will be rain and possibly a storm. I was at work, and I knew most likely I would finish late and hit the rain on my way home. Too wise, I did forget to bring my umbrella as well as my rain jacket.

Nonetheless, later that afternoon, the phone alarmed, confirming a severe thunderstorm expected soon. Somehow, I found myself very calm and quiet, not being affected by the situation.

This is unusual for me since I am a very emotional person, and I always wear them on my sleeves.



Claps — to — likes — to — more audience

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I write to empty my mind.

I write to share my experiences. Stories that might enlighten the next person who may stop by my page.

I do not expect everyone to read my article.

Meanwhile, I also do not read every article that is posted by the writers I follow. Sometimes, the posts do not click my mood, and hence, I pass.

However, I do feel providing a little boost of hope and appreciation does not hurt either.

I may not finish reading their article, but I do not forget to clap. …


Tweak the process based on your personality and not the advisors’.

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We often come across the frustrations some of the self-help users portray. In a fast-paced life, with an increasing number of reasons that can kill us, we seek to find solutions to improve our lifestyle. As we incorporate the changes, we desire the results to happen overnight, so that “life is touche” in a blink.

When I share my experiences and the outcomes of my self-improvement journey; I am sharing “my experiences". Those which define me, my life, and aligns with my personality.

Similarly, the books and suggestions provided by a person 'X’, are their experiences and defines their personality.


It’s a balloon full of surprises

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The elusive bandit every second to a minute,
Generous yet cunning to run off my grasp,
Ode to moments missed capturing,
The hours indeed fled and never came back.

It's a balloon full of surprises,
Bursting with joy for some and none for the others,
Laughing out loud if bothered to sway,
Crying slow when too close to fulfillment.

My eyes desperate to meet my goals,
Framing my time feeling every hour to score,
As the hours slip through my fingers,
I feel the sweet twisted pain,
Yet I feel its presence holding my hand firmly.

Engaged in the thoughts…


Unruffled, firm, and soft

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Riding the horse through the meadows;
I jump over and into the ridge;
Free as I fall with the rush in my gut;
My legs holding the saddle, my hands in the air;
I feel the mane brushing my face.

Muscles getting tighter as I land smoothly on the velvet touch;
I seep in the aura of the demon as I breathe deep;
My blood rush rising me strong;
Wicked yet tastes sweet energizing my impulse.
My gaze meets the eyes I have been longing to see;
Reflecting through mine I feel the awaiting welcome.

Swirling around me the feathers…

Aceline Lavanya

Writer— Sharing my experiences and thoughts - Follow more on thepreparedmindkana.blog

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